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The Printed Matterhorn

Prefazione di Pascal Thurre

- The euphoria conjured up by this book reaches the very heights of dry wit and humour…  Journal de Genève
- We discover the Matterhorn showing her most photogenic face, while on the cover
 the author tips an irreverent wink to Andy Warhol… Vertical
- A journey gliding on glossy paper to the peak of the divine Matterhorn. Captivating and   packed full of fun… TéléTop Matin
- It’s a fascinating book which presents all the variations of this unique natural creation,   from kitch to commercial and factual… WerbeWoche
- Salesmen erode magic mountain: the Matterhorn is a universal logo… The European
- This book reaches the very heights through its choice of amazing photos: there’s a surprise
 on every page with texts that are both amusing and inspiring… Riviera Magazine

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Author: Yvan Hostettler - Preface by Pascal Thurre - 112 pages, full color printing, format 19x25cm


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Libri Cervinio, Montagna dela publicita

Libri Cervinio, Montagna dela publicita

English version !